Our Purposes

Eco Maruti A/c Ambulance has been operating in coordination with Gurnanak Dharmartha Hospital at reasonable cost prices.

An ambulance with ventilator high level device has also been operating in coordination with Gurnanak Dharmartha Hospital at reasonable cost prices.

An A/c ambulance for Dead Bodies which is cost worth Rs. 15lakhs will also be operating soon which will be giving its services in all India.

Institution is also making efforts towards the services of air ambulance in future.

Institution, in coordination with New Civil Hospital, Surat, will also be starting the services of mobile blood donation facilities in which a doctor and a compounder from the New Civil Hospital will collect the blood from the donor’s resident. The estimated cost price for this is Rs. 15lakhs.

Institution is also involved in the activity of providing the data of the unidentified dead bodies on internet so that their family member can find them and meet their lost dear ones.

For Lajpor Jail prisoners, institution has provided 10 desktop computers so that the prisoners can complete the computer traning & certification courses and become self- dependent.

Institution is also helping out to avail the best possible market to the jail prisoner for their hand-made paintings after seeing their talents into the same.

Institution is also making efforts to inspire and motivate people for their body donation so that medical students can avail the benefits of their medical studies.

Institution is striving to avail the facilities of video conferencing at the cemetery so that family members who cannot reach for the cremation ceremony of their dear ones can be a part of it even while they are at distant places

Institution is aspiring for a high level hospital which will include natural & shivambu ayurvedic facilities where all kind of medical treatments can be availed to the patients at nominal costs.

Any emergency service to the manking which will be suggested by the board members will also be taken care of.